FoxAlien comparison: Masuter Vs Masuter Pro Vs 4040-XE

  Masuter Masuter Pro 4040-XE
FoxAlien Masuter ProFoxAlien 4040-XE
Work area 15.75” x 14.96” x 2.17” 
(400 x 380 x 55mm)
15.75” x 15.75” x 2.36”
(400 x 400 x 60mm)
15.75″ x 15.75″ x 2.17″
(400 x 400 x 55mm)
XY Axis Drive Belt Belt Belt
Frame Metal and plastic All metal All metal
Spindle 60W 60w 300w
Stepper motor Nema 17 Nema 17 Nema 23
Stepper knobs No Yes Yes
VWheel adjustment No Yes Yes
Max travel rate* 5000+ mm/min
197 in/min
5000+ mm/min
197 in/min
3000+ mm/min
118 in/min
Z Axis support Rods Linear rails Rods
Control board 32 bit 32 bit 8 bit
Limit switches Yes Yes Yes
Home button Yes Yes No
Offline controller Not included – Optional extra Not included – Optional extra Yes – Integrated into control unit
Emergency stop Yes Yes Yes
Z Probe Included Included Included
Laser ready Yes Yes Yes
Price (USD)** $509 $599 $929
*GRBL settings will need to be adjusted for these **Price taken at time of writing this article from FoxAlien

Which is best for you?

My general advice is buy the best you can afford. The 4040-XE is the most powerful and therefore can cut deeper and faster but equally is the most expensive. The Masuter is a great beginner friendly option for those on a tighter budget. The Masuter Pro is a nice compromise between the two if your budget will not stretch to the 4040-XE. Extra information is below to help you decide.

Work area

The Masuter has the smallest work area but not by much. Both Masuter Pro and 4040-XE have the same base area but the Masuter Pro has a little more Z height.

Spindle extra information

The Masuter and Masuter Pro can both take a 300w spindle, although the Masuter Pro is stronger and will handle it better. The 4040-XE already comes with a 300w spindle. Both the Masuter Pro and 4040-XE are capable of taking trim routers such as the Makita

Z Axis support

The Masuter Pro uses linear rails reducing flex, wobble. The Masuter and 4040-XE use rods with the bearing sleeves. These can allow for more chatter and some people replace them with polymer insert, as featured in this video.


The 4040-XE comes with both the bigger spindle and more powerful stepper motors and is capable of handling a router. Whilst the Masuter Pro can also take a router, the Nema 17 motors will not be able to drive it with as much power.

Masuter benefits

The price point on the Masuter is the main advantage. It is the cheapest option but still comes with all the hardware a beginner needs to get started. It also has a 32-bit control board.

Masuter Pro benefits

Being FoxAliens latest model, it has multiple benefits such as linear rails for the Z axis, eccentric nuts for V wheel pressure control. Slightly deeper travel on the Z axis and an all metal frame. The aluminium extrusion is closed mean less chips will collect in there and the X gantry is also 2060 extrusion (as opposed the smaller 2040). It also has the 32-bit control board.

4040-XE benefits

Comes with a 300w spindle as standard and Nema 23 stepper motors giving it more power. Also come with an integrated offline controller with a large touch screen so ideal for people who can’t always leave a PC/laptop connected to it.

Where to buy from?

Masuter directly from FoxAlien

Masuter Pro directly from FoxAlien

4040-XE directly from FoxAlien

Some of the machines are also available on Amazon FoxAlien store but usually cost a little bit more so my advice is always buy directly from FoxAlien

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  • FoxAlien

    Great buyer guide! Thanks for sharing!

  • Cory scott

    If i already have a masuter what do yih recommend to do to it? Im looking at the pro but it doesnt make sence (money wise) for the few extras it does have.

    • James Dean Designs

      It does have quite a few extras, particularly if doing spindle/router work but if you already have a Masuter then its a little bit tricky to be honest because it may not seem as much of an upgrade. You could start to upgrade your manually but it can get expensive when you start working out the prices of all the parts

  • calder

    Thanks for ѕhɑring your info. I really appreciate your effоrtѕ and I am waiting for your fuгther write ups thanks once agaіn.

  • dom

    Is there a reason for the drop down to an 8-Bit controller for the 4040-XE?

  • Daniel Fernandes

    Hello, the Nema 17 in the “Masuter Pro”, can it be replaced by a Nema 23 to increase the cutting power? And what is the most powerful Spindle Motor the “Masuter Pro” supports? Thanks

  • Lorne Kulrich

    I have the same question as above, replacing the 17 out for the 23?
    Plus can I use pretty, any model/make for a laser? Thinking a 20W minimum.

  • Steven

    I’m in odds on the Masuter Pro and the 4040xe. Price is significately higher and i’m wanting to get the extension kit and laser. Between the two, could i go with the Pro for beginning and just upgrade where needed?

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