Fiber Laser Settings

Shot of the products I lasered

These were all done on the ComMarker B4 30w Fiber laser engraver. The examples below contain the settings I used as part of my review – or as best as I can remember the settings.

The are listed as Speed/Power/Frequency/Line Spacing/Angle

Coin Brass coin
Additional settings are image mode was set to 3D Slice, Bi-directional travel and 400 passes.
A cleaning pass was done at the end with 2000/30/100/0.05/45
Throwing knivesThrowing knives
Done with 200mm lens as a fill.
Dog tagDog tag
1000/90/25/0.04/45 cross hatch
Metal business card - HairHair business card
Hair 300/10/25/0.025/45
Silver 1000/40/25/0.25/45
Real estate business cardReal estate card
Silver – 1000/90/25/0.025/45
Cut out – Cant remember these but think it was possibly 300/100/25 using the wobble feature and 3 passes
Skynet cardSkynet card
3 separate passes, one at 45, one at -45 and one at 0
Watch strapWatch strap
Small knifeKnife
Dragon lighterDragon lighter
Coming soon (AKA I forgot – will try and remember)
Skull LighterSkull lighter
Coming soon (AKA I forgot – will try and remember)

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