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Why Spe Tool?

I am always getting asked what bits should people buy when getting into CNC. A lot of the the time for beginners I always steer them towards multipack bits from companies like Sainsmart or FoxAlien. For the cost they work out good value especially when you are likely to be breaking bits or burning them out going too fast or to deep as you are learning. Also, like a lot of beginners, when I needed specific bits for something like surfacing I would often just buy one of the cheapest bits I could find.

What about when you gain a little more confidence with your machine or have a little more to spend?

Whilst there is nothing wrong with the Sainsmart bits I was using, last year I started to look into alternative CNC bits. Straight away I bought a few Amana bits from Tools Today, which are extremely good quality and probably considered to be towards the top end of the market but the reality is $100/£100 does not get you very far.

Purely by chance, I came across a company on Amazon called Spe Tool. I decided to buy a few of their bits to see how I got on with them. After using them for a few weeks, I found them to be a great quality and have been extremely pleased. Being easily available and with a mid-market price range they seemed a very sensible option for me to continue with. In fact most of the bits you see in my Beginners Guide to CNC Bits are from Spe Tools. The only thing I dislike so far is their selection of 1/8th shank bits is a little limited however, they have 1/4in shanks with 1/8th cutting heads and smaller so they still work in ER11 collets.

Shortly after putting that video up, Spe Tools reached out to me and thanked me for using their bits. They also sent me a little care package including more bits I didn’t feature. I may do a giveaway with them a little latter in the year so keep an eye out for that.

After chatting to them, they setup an affiliate program and invited me to be a part of it. The great thing about this is I am able to offer everyone a discount as a result of this program using the code and links at the top of the page.

Spe Tool can also be found directly on Amazon. ( (

I’m fully open about my involvement with affiliate programs and do not try to disguise it. If your unfamiliar with them it basically means I get a tiny bit back in commission if you use my discount codes or links but crucially it DOES NOT cost you any more, in some cases like this you actually save money because of the discount. Ultimately that tiny bit of commission I may get back goes towards the upkeep of my channel, improving the quality of the videos I make for everyone and giving me time to keep helping everyone out.


If you buy their bits, do let me know how you get on using then. Feedback is really important to me.

They have also started making tool databases to load directly into your software which you can find here. They have them for Fusion and Vectric so far and I have asked them also make one for Carveco.

3 Comments to “CNC bits – Spe Tool discount”

  • Paul Saunders

    I’m pretty new to the CNC world so I don’t have a great amount of experience with bit manufacturers.
    I do have a couple of SPE bits ” 6.35mm up-cut and a 6.5mm tapered 1mm bullnose.
    So far they are proving to be very good.

  • andrew Laws

    Have just ordered some of the tapered ball nose carving bits from amazon but not had a chance to try them yet. Also ordered a set of 15 collets in various sizes, as the carving bits were 4mm, and 4 additional collet nuts. this will allow me to have the common size of collets set up in nuts for quicker changes rather than having to try and remove the collet from the nut every time. The nuts and collet set were relatively inexpensive about £30 for both but i feel the time and frustration saved will be worth it

  • Polski Portal

    I really enjoy this template youve got going on on your web site. What is the name of the theme by the way? I was thinking of using this style for the web site I am going to create for my class project.

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