CNC machines and products

If you have landed on this page, there is a chance the re-direct links from YouTube are temporarily not working so below is a list of the Amazon alternative links. These links should take you to the product on your country’s local Amazon site if it is available there. A bit further down are the manufacturers direct sales websites


3018 PRO – Sainsmart

3018 Prover – Sainsmart

3018 Prover 3040 Extension kit – Sainsmart

PROVerXL 4030 – Sainsmart

PROVerXL Extension Kit 6060 – Sainsmart

PROVerXL 6060 Aluminium Bed – Sainsmart

PROVerXL Extension Kit 6060 and bed – Sainsmart

5.5w Laser for 3018 Pro – Sainsmart

Jinsoku LE-1620 Portable Laser Engraver – Sainsmart

CNC Bits selection – Sainsmart

Sainsmart Amazon Store


4040-XE CNC Machine – FoxAlien

4040 Masuter CNC Machine – FoxAlien

3018-SE V2 CNC Router – FoxAlien

20w (5w) Fixed Focus Laser – FoxAlien

FoxAlien Store