I’m having an issue with…?

I compiled the top ten issues I often get asked in this video along with the solutions to cover them, please check to see if this covers your issues.

What software is best for…?

Software is a very personal choice, I put this video together to explain some different free and paid for options with a breakdown of where you need each piece of software.

What machine is best?

Best is often based on a person’s criteria or opinion, what works best for me may not work best for you. What is the best today may not be the best tomorrow and I can only comment on machines I have had experience with. As a result I try not to say whether a machine is the “best” but instead give you the information, the pros and the cons in order to help steer your own thoughts and decisions. 

Are you paid or sponsored by the machine manufacturers?

No, none of the companies I work with pay or sponsor me for any of the videos I make. Some products I purchase myself and others are supplied to me in order to film a tutorial or review but I only work with companies that value feedback which is why any reviews that I carry out are 100% authentic.

Can I pay for your help one to one?

I genuinely love helping people, sharing knowledge and doing this for free on a daily basis so therefore I dont feel it’s right for me to charge for one to one services. I try to help out as many people as I can whether that is in open forums or one to one.  If people are grateful for the help I have given or the tutorials I have made, they can support me by becoming a Patreon or directly via PayPal. 

There are a few benefits to becoming a Patreon of James Dean Designs. I give exclusive access to the latest videos before they are released where possible, and I prioritise helping my Patreons out when they have issues.